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ASO®SPORT arrived

Formulated oxygen with most concentrated ASO®SPORT. By increasing stabilized oxygen in the bloodstream, more energy produced to power muscles, reducing lactic acid, speeding recovery.  


최고 수준의 산소 농축액  ASO SPORT는 혈류에 산소를 증가시켜 더욱 강력한 에너지로 근육 파워를 증대하고 젖산을 줄여 회복을 빠르게 합니다.

Develoed by NASA tech.

Most concentrated stabilized oxygen formula optimizes nutritional assimilation for peak performance like dead point and recovery. Each 0.5 oz serving contains over 3.75 grams (250,000PPM) bioavailable oxygen. They help balance body fluid levels, improve oxygen delivery to the muscles, and regulate metabolism.

NASA 기술로 개발

최고의 안정화된 농축 산소는 사점과 같은 극한의 상황을 극복하는데 도움을 줍니다. 1회사용 15ml에는 3.75 그램의 산소 (250,000PPM)가 있으며 근육에 산소를 늘려 에너지 대사기능을 돕습니다.

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